About Us

About this program

Who We Are And What We Can Do For Your Business?

aRk Capital is a member led organization committed to finding, funding and mentoring great young companies from pitch through a successful exit.

aRk Capital invest in seed- and early -stage companies with potential and focusing on a pertinent communal topic. aRk Capital invests in industries with which its members have experience, with investments averaging $ 50,000 to $ 10,000,000, each, over the life of the investment.


aRk Capital is focused on aligning investments with value and ideals that will focus on pertinent world issues. aRk Capital embodies the core values of Socially responsible investing (SRI). SRI is an approach to investing that reduces exposure to companies that are deemed to have a negative social impact—e.g., companies that profit from poor labor standards or environmental devastation—while increasing exposure to companies that are deemed to have a positive social impact—e.g., companies that foster inclusive workplaces or commit to environmentally sustainable practices.

Our focus is on investing in ideas that will shape future issues such as nutrition, health and wellness, and the role of technology and financial engineering to help address these crisis. The aRk Capital aims to maintain the diversified core portfolio while increasing investments in companies that meet SRI criteria.

aRk Capital was founded by a network of successful entrepreneurs and professionals on the premise that small business are key to overall socio-economical development.

Our Investment Focus

one-time investment

aRk looks for early stage ventures that are highly scalable and that can show us how the company will get to break-even within 12-24 months on the basis of our one-time investment. This typically means smallish teams (2 to 5 people), with serious domain expertise and a product that is either currently in the market or already in beta. We are also currently only accepting applications from companies in the U.S., Canada, and Israel.

Mission Statement

To fuel the success of the entrepreneurs focusing on pertinent topics such as food supply chain, health and wellness, technology, through advocacy, education and connection building. 


  • aRk is recognized as the trusted authority in angel investing.


one-time investment

  • Outcome Driven- Focusing on topics that have communal socio-economic impacts.
  • Codifying – Recognize, Leverage and promote best practices.
  • Integrity/Trust – Ensure transparency, trust and high ethical standards in all activities and relationships.
  • Strategic Leadership – Be a source of insightful, inspirational, and forward thinking leadership.
  • Collaboration – Provide collaboration, networking and syndication opportunities for the angel community.
  • Respect – Ensure honest, respectful relationships with all constituents, including investors, entrepreneurs, sponsors and others.
  • Diversity – Encourage diversity in people and cultures throughout the angel community.