Benefits and Risks

Benefits & Risks of Angel Investing

 aRk Capital can be  very rewarding personally and business wise.  It is very different from traditional investing and comes with some unique benefits and risks. Here are a few to consider if aRk Capital is for you.


  1. Support local entrepreneurs
  2. Work with great entrepreneurial talent
  3. Syndicate deals and learn from other angel investors
  4. High potential returns on companies that succeed


Early stage investment is high risk Start-ups have a high rate failure Hard to make a calculated decisions Dramatic up and down swings or down rounds

Benefits of being part of the aRk Capital Network

  • The following aspects support independent angel investors with their process of screen, due diligence and post investment management:
  • Strong deal flow of early stage companies - 12+ pitches every month, more than 100 investment opportunities per year.
  • Access to properly documented deal information - As part of their pitch startup entrepreneurs share their Gust profile with VANTEC members.
  • Vetted Investment Opportunities - Full presentations are screened by experienced angel investors before they are presented at aRk Capital.
  • Easy access to startup entrepreneurs - meet entrepreneurs and have a follow up meeting to get to know them and learn more about their business and the investment opportunity.
  • Opportunity to syndicate deals - connect and discuss opportunities or collaborate on due diligence with other aRk Capital members in the room or elsewhere in the province.
  • Review and negotiate terms - compare terms of the deal and negotiate a fair value for your investment.
  • Post Investment Management - Angel investors often act as an advisor for entrepreneurs, especially in the early stages of the business.