Dr Jagvinder Singh Virk

Dr Jagvinder Singh Virk


Dr Virk is an inspirational community leader with a strong background in Trade & Investment, International Education and Infrastructure Development.

His excellent people management and language skills honed in Indian, Russian/Ukraine, Georgian and Australian communities holds him in good stead to connect people from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures.


He is passionate about improving human relations, both in local and international communities. These experiences and well developed sensitivity to cultural differences allowed him to take a leading role in the formation of the India Australia Strategic Alliance (IASA) and to become its founding Chairman.

Another passion is his desire for technology to be brought to market in a much more seamless way. He is using his endeavors and relationships to explore ways research and its resulting technologies can be implemented in appropriate and meaningful ways to ensure equity and relevance in the marketplace. To this end he has been an active member of the University of NSW ‘Industry Engagement Committee’.

As someone who loves exciting opportunities and enjoys rising to a challenge, as a young man he decided to learn a new language and be immersed in a different culture when he commenced Russian Language Studies at Donetsk State University in the Ukraine in 1995.

Following this successful immersion in a foreign culture, he decided to study medicine at the same university and successfully completed his medical studies (MBBS) at Donetsk State Medical University in 2001.

This was indeed an exciting and formative time in his life.

His experiences have given him the confidence to meet new challenges head-on and was instrumental in guiding his career across a number of areas.

First as a business development professional at his family owned real estate business, as an educationalist owning vocational colleges and most recently in property development. This business experience has helped him to understand some of the challenges faced in these sectors and the importance of positive and effective interaction with all levels of government. Through these endeavours, as well as  helping to develop community spirit, he is also contributing to the physical living environment.

As Chairman of IASA, steering committee member, delegate and guest speaker at conferences and events, Dr Virk has been actively engaged in promoting Australia into the international market since 2007 in key industry sectors such as International Education, Real Estate, Innovation and Trade Investment.

His career experience has been enriched by five different but related themes:

  1. Language Studies
  2. Medical Training
  3. Property Development
  4. Vocational Education & Training
  5. Community Service

Truth, Passion, Service and Value are the essential elements of his personal and professional life and guides his experiences which cover strategy, project planning, business development and key stakeholder relationship management. He sees the Punjabi Icon Award from the Indian Government, presented annually to only one non-Indian resident from across the globe as validating these key elements as well as his local and international relations and achievements.


  • Punjabi Icon Award from the Indian Government- awarded annually to only one non-Indian resident from across the globe for his national and international relations and achievements.
  • ‘Honorary Doctor of Caucuses University’ (Doctor Honoris Causa) awarded in recognition of contribution to the development of Caucasus University’s international position and distinguished service to Georgia.
  • Award for Services to Australian Communities by Hon Denis Napthine (then Premier of the State of Victoria, Australia)

Business and Organisations

Chairman and MD                             L&ND-Land and Property Development

Chairman                                             India Australia Strategic Alliance


Medical Degree (MBBS)                      Donetsk State Medical University, Ukraine

Russian Language                 Donetsk State Medical University, Ukraine


  • 2018- Panelist  and guest Speaker World Chinese Economic Forum (WCEF) ‘Cities and Urbanisation- Re-imagining Property Development’
  • 2017- Invited to present awards at Annual Graduation Ceremony, Caucasus University, Georgia.
    Hosted Western Sydney community event with Hon Tony Abbott as guest speaker.
    Awarded ‘Honorary Doctor of Caucuses University’ (Doctor Honoris Causa) in recognition of contribution to the development of Caucasus University’s international position and distinguished service to Georgia.
    Inaugural ‘Thank You Australia’ event- now held annually.
  • 2015- Punjabi Icon Award from the Indian Government, awarded annually to only one non-Indian resident from across the globe as validation for his national and international relations and achievements.
    Hosted India Australia Business Week with over 100 delegates.
    Attended Australia Week in India as Chairman of IASA  as part of delegation with Hon Andrew Robb, Trade Minister, Australian Federal Government
  • 2014- Held discussions with Punjab government on various issues including skill development, entrepreneurship, bilateral co-operation in industry, commerce, dairy farming, food processing and mining.
    Awarded for his services to Australian Communities by Hon Denis Napthine (then Premier of the State of Victoria, Australia).
    Headed business delegation to India.
    Guest Speaker- Punjab International Dental Conference.
    Chief guest and speaker on Australian Education at conference in India.
    Guest speaker at PBD New Delhi- invited by Indian government.
  • 2013 onwards- Founding member and Chairman of India Australia Strategic Alliance (IASA) to promote closer business ties between mid-sized businesses in Australia and India.
  • 2013-2017- ‘Industry Engagement Committee’ - University of NSW- committee tasked with bringing technologies to market. One example of practical outcomes is the Indian manufacturing plant for Australian developed technology for Level 4 silicon carbide bullet proof tiles.
  • 2013- Australian delegation to India-  ‘How to do Business in Australia’
    Organised 6 ‘Community Strengthening’ functions in Parramatta, Sydney, Melbourne.
    Australian delegation to India- Discussion on bringing IIFA to Australia.
    Bilateral talks with Hon Lord Diljit Rana for Australia, India and UK.
    Conference on Australian Education in India.
    Australian delegation to India- Discussion on Forestry sector.
    Invited by Indian government to attend PHD – IASA host Gala Dinner attended my many Indian and Australian members of parliament including Hon Eric Abetz, Minister for Employment.
  • 2012- Indian delegation to Australia- Export of UNSW water purification systems and Solar systems to India.
    Guest speaker- Asia Business Connection Meeting, Parramatta, NSW.
    IASA relationship meeting on business with India, Canada and Australia.
  • 2011- Headed ‘Grass-roots’ Campaign
    Member of Australian Delegation to India- Discussion on Future of Australian/Indian Defence Sector.
    Member Australian delegation to India for bilateral talks on Rural Development and Search for Talent
  • 2009-2001- During period of racial tensions, was actively involved with local communities, police and political leadership to reinforce communities strong commitment to multiculturalism in Australia and to assure community that vast majority of the problems were not racially motivated.
  • 2008- At behest of Lord Rana, Dr Virk established GOPIO in Australia to help Indian-Australians share perspectives and foster closer links with the Global Indian diaspora.
    Once again invited to by Lord Diljit Rana MBE to attend PHD forum.
  • 2007- Lord Diljit Rana MBE, then Vice President of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin invited Dr Virk to attend the Parvasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD) (roughly translated to Overseas Indian Forum)
  • 2006 onwards- Actively involved in leveraging his connections in India to assist members of the local community by mediating (on a voluntary basis) in property and other issues.
  • 2006- Commenced residence in Australia.
  • 2002- 2006- Work as a trusted community medical doctor in India.

India Australia Strategic Alliance

  • Under the leadership of Dr Virk, IASA has established the following Industry trade action working groups:-
    • Education and Training
    • Infrastructure
    • Tourism
    • Science and Technology
    • Information, Communications and Technology
    • Research Policy on Australia’s Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development
    • Research policy on Australia’s Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy and India’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
    • Research Policy on Tourism Australia and India’s Ministry of Tourism
    • Research Policy on Australia’s Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research and India’s Department of Science and Technology
    • Working on research Policy with Real Estates Groups, Association and other Governing bodies
    • Regular attendee at Round tables on Tax, Employment Participation and National Productivity at Menzies Research Center.