Our Beliefs and Values


Core Beliefs

To get excellent output you need excellent input, that is the truth: We believe there are no shortcuts to sustainable positive outcomes. To pursue excellence, requires commitment to hard work, tenacity and perspiration, even inspiration requires perspiration.

Relentless continuous improvement mindset is essential for long term success: We are always trying to improve. Progress in life requires us to continuously ensure tomorrow is better than today. This also means we celebrate outcomes, but are never satisfied.

Progress happens when someone, finds something commonly acceptable, unacceptable: We make things better only when we challenge status quo, question existing truths, push the envelope of our beliefs and break ranks with traditional thinking.

Smarts are a commodity, being human is scarce: We believe talent by itself is over rated. We believe emotional maturity, being empathetic, understanding human preference is more important than being smart.

Happiness in life comes from seeking and knowing meaning: Seeking meaning requires being purposeful, being purposeful requires having disciplined goals. We believe in working with people on opportunities which they find meaningful and purposeful, or from which they can rapidly progress to the same end.

Core Values

  • The values we uphold as our values are exclusive of what we expect our associates to espouse in being good people. Integrity, trust, respect, loyalty, courage and similar such attributes are not ones we work towards, we live them, they are table stakes for us.
  • We seek collaborative spirit in individuals, teams and across groups and organizations. It is essential for us in having distinctive impact. Our goals are too big to be done by a person or in isolation.
  • Achievement orientation through aggressive pursuit of goals is core to our values. This value drives us and our associates to measure and manage growth and progress towards our goals rigorously. Achievement of a worthy goal builds pride both individual and institutional and that is meaningful and hence fun.
  • A compelling drive to win, in the long run is critical for our culture. We operate in a competitive market place, and achievement of our goals alone is often not a sufficient determinant of impact. Wining requires us being the very best, any rank or a spot is not winning, we are there where good enough is not good enough. Our horizons and orientation is very long, and hence our drive to win coupled with achievement orientation ensure we create value over multi-decades while generating financial surplus in near term.
  • We want people having a passion for leadership and taking responsibility for actions. We aspire to build lasting and resilient organizations, and hence we value people that are passionate and dedicated about taking leadership of things around them while also recognizing the responsibility that comes with it. Such people enable us to marshal resources, manage execution while creating capacity and capability for growth.